Anjan Kant

I am an IT Professional with highly responsible, diagnostic skills, creative with great initiative and punctuality. I take the responsibility up to satisfaction mark  assume the challenges and goals that the organization assigns me, adaptability to change, staff management, ability to work in teams, ability to work under high pressure, as well as to solve problems efficiently and achieve productivity goals set by the company and my work group. I am with great diagnostic skills, aptitude to resolve issues, proactive and logical mind who can understand your requirement whatever envisioned in your mind. Over the last years in IT I have worked from simple to complex web/desktop solutions and have achieved also great goals in product base development. I have been working as a Senior Technical Manager cum to resolve business complexities with split responsibility over last years.

Over years, I have worked on different technologies specially in Visual Studio (integrated Development Environment) in managed code sources. I am working with (c#,, Silverlight, WCF, Windows Component, Xbox, Android, MS SQL Server programming, Server Administration services, MVC pattern etc.
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